January, 2009

Judy Echavez

Your Host Judy Echavez

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Part 2: Molders of the Modern American Actor

Your Host Danika Quinn

A brief journey back: ancient Greek theater, the Roman Amphitheatre Elizabethan Theater, The Globe Theater, Commedia dell’Arte, Japanese, Restoration, the Neo-Classical Movement, Romantic Movement, the Realist Movement, Naturalism

Nina Fehren

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Marta McGonagle

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Joe Sabatino

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Desiree Anderson

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Danika Quinn

Your Host Danika Quinn

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Brett Howell

Your Host Brett Howell

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TradeVine – January 16th, 2009

Your Host Danika Quinn

Hi everyone! Danika Quinn is on assignment and John Michael Ferrari, Senior Creative Producer of the Actors Podcast Network brings you this week’s TradeVine. January 16th, 2009


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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